Fresh As

Fresh As...

How we bring the freshest, healthiest food to you!

We harvest on Thursday and Fridays for delivery to you door on Fridays. Yes, that means we are very early risers on Fridays!

Plants like lettuce especially are at their sweetest first thing in the morning, if harvested at the end of the day they can be bitter, so remember this when you harvest your own home grown lettuce!

Once picked, the salad leaves are washed, dried and packed for delivery to you. Many items require very little effort to clean the, as No-Dig gardening means very little dirt on the produce, even potatoes, as they are grown in compost.

To avoid bruising and damaging delicate items like lettuce, we use air bubbles to wash our produce. We have a wash station we built using the set-up used by Josh Sattin on his No-Dig market garden in North Carolina. This uses our spring water (which has been tested and passed by XXX) and air bubbles to gently agitate the produce to clean it. After this, we wrap the salad greens in muslin and give it a gentle spin in an old top-loader washing machine. Finally the mix is packed and added to thre Food Boxes.

We only use recycleable packaging or home-compostable packaging as sustainability is very important to us. If you are not able to or don't know how to compost, check out our workshops page for composting and No-Dig gardening workshops or come to one of our Farm Visit Days. 

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