Thursday, July 2, 2020, 08:59 PM

In the lead-up to moving house from suburban Auckland to our lifestyle block in the Hunua ranges in the middle of lockdown druing the COVID-19 pandemic, we de-stressed from the interminable packing and the uncertainty of when we would be able to move by indulging in some serious seed-catalogue porn.

Several hundred dollars later our goodies arrived, batch by batch through lock-down. Two weeks before our move date, once into Level 2 lockdown, we sowed our first seeds, followed by most of the rest the following week. This timing, we optimistically predicted, would mean we could begin pricking out seedlings the week after we moved (over Queen's Birthday weekend).

As they say, men (or women) plan and God laughs.

We moved 3 households (7 bedrooms) into the new property with 2 bedrooms having to keep 75% of our belongings waiting to be unpacked once the building work was completed. After the most stressful move any of us had experienced (combined number of house moves between all family members >50) from the 26th May to the 1st June, the builders got stuck in on the 2nd June.

There are 6 of us sharing one bathroom with an additional toilet downstairs also know as the HCD (heavy crapping department). Half the household are in bedrooms upstairs with the other half in rented caravans in the enormous truck bay under cover and surrounded by our chattels.

Pricking out got underway 1 week late and provided great stress relief after all the hassles of packing, moving and partially unpacking. Gardening work and the discovery of clean underwear provided the bright spots in the week after the move!

Half-way through pricking out


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